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Survival Systems Limited was founded in 1982 and has become the world leader in supplying high fidelity emergency egress simulation devices and associated safety survival training programs for the offshore, marine, aviation, and industrial sectors.

In particular, the company has extensive experience in product development and equipment modifications for use in chlorinated and brominated pool-training environments.

The company's ultimate goal has been to design and develop the Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS®) a state-of-the-art training device used for underwater emergency egress training. The first METS® was introduced in 1987. Since then, over 100 METS® have been manufactured and distributed for use in 27 countries.

All equipment has been designed and developed by Survival Systems Limited. Its manufacturing division follows internationally recognized ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Program standards that parallel the Allied Quality Assurance Program (AQAP) Level 1 [less element 207, the NATO quality assurance standard].

METS® are used worldwide on a daily basis to train military and civilian personnel (for example offshore oil personnel in underwater egress training). METS® devices are capable of being configured to replicate the interior (seating, avionics panels, etc.) and exterior (exits, escape slides, etc.) of various aircraft platforms.

Ditching training programs were originally developed for civilian offshore oil companies and, shortly afterwards, for military personnel. The offshore oil industry insisted on a training syllabus centred on absolute safety for personnel, ease of training, and a very high course pass rate. Our sophisticated training syllabus, based on graduated steps until completion, has resulted in our unequalled course pass rates.

A study of clientele having purchased our equipment and/or services has indicated a 94% pass rate for civilian trainees and a 99.5% pass rate for military trainees. The most important reason for these success rates is the effectiveness of Survival Systems' training program.

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