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Taber, M. J., McCabe, J., Klein, R. M. & Pelot, R. P. (2013). Development and evaluation of an offshore oil and gas emergency response focus board. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 43(1), 40-51.


A b s t r a c t

Introduction: The primary objective of this research was to explore the use of an interactive whiteboard

as an Emergency Response Focus Board (ERFB) for offshore emergency response teams (ERT) during

a training and assessment process.


Methods: Thirty-seven participants completed simulation testing in a randomized study design with two

visual display conditions (static and dynamic display). Outcome measures included speed and accuracy

of response to situation awareness questions presented orally during three separate simulation freezes,

and self-rating of performance.


Results: Results indicate that the type of ERFB display significantly influenced the speed and accuracy of

responses. Qualitative results indicate that situation awareness was increased when using the dynamic



Conclusions: It can be concluded that the dynamic ERFB offers an objective measure of performance and

as a consequence, it is recommended that dynamic ERFBs be implemented into future offshore emergency

response assessment training.


Relevance to industry: Given the enormous amount of information available during an emergency, the

dynamic ERFB offers an improved system for data logging, consolidation of information, and greater

comprehension of relevant resource allocation factors.


Keywords: Situation awareness; Emergency response performance; Training assessment; Visual display; Simulation

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