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"I would like to thank you for the excellent and very realistic training that you provided us with. This training saved our lives. The sensation of water rushing in was very similar to the one that was simulated in the dunker training; recall of this training allowed us to follow through with the proper sequence of actions and successfully egress the aircraft which was rapidly filled with water."

Capt K R Krey, Capt S W Pelly, Sgt S D McCoy, MCpl J B A Daigle
Northern Labrador (Canada), Bell 412 Griffon
"Because of the information I received from Survival Systems regarding proper evacuation procedures, I was able to avoid panic, I knew exactly what to do and planned my escape procedure in advance."

Mr Robert Thorne
British Columbia (Canada), Bell 206
"My first thought was, "Okay, I know how to deal with this." As I cleared my exit, undid my harness and moved toward the surface, the second thought to run through my mind was, "I knew the egress course would be worthwhile, but I didn't expect to use the training within 36 hours of completing it!"

Capt K H Jones
Lake Simcoe ON (Canada), CH-136 Kiowa
"While the aircraft was in the process of capsizing, I followed the step-by-step egress procedures taught by Survival Systems. I found that although disoriented and in a stressful situation, the training quickly came back to me; and the whole evacuation was just like another run in the METS™.

Capt P E Hitchcock
Gulf of Mexico, CH-124 Sea King
"Simply put, without your course, I might not have survived my first major deployment. The methodical yet realistic traning process employed by Survival Systems' staff gave me the edge I needed to stay alive in an all-too-real ditching emergency."

Lt J Tasseron
Gulf of Mexico, CH-124 Sea King
"An unexpected benefit of the training was the ability to cope with the stress and fear associated with such an incident occurring at night in heavy seas. This course should be mandatory for anyone involved in helicopter over-water operations."

MCpl D J McDonald
Gulf of Mexico, CH-124 Sea King
"Your training is so realistic that to appreciate the value of your techniques, one has to survive a real situation. It saves lives."

Capt S McLean
Gulf of Mexico, CH-124 Sea King
"I have been flying for 17 years, both civilian and military. I have done many practise bailout/ditching exercises, but no other training could have better prepared me [for the crash] than what I was taught at Survival Systems."

MCpl Gerry Corrigan
Schnetecdy NY (United States), CH-124 Sea King

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